Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Little River Lighthouse Needs Your Help

After being dark for twenty six years, and a few weeks after the horrific terrorist attacks against our nation of September 11, 2001, Maine’s Little River Lighthouse was relighted on October 2, 2001 as a Beacon of Freedom to the World. It is the only such historic structure in the United States to have this distinction.

On October 2, 2001, as a giant American flag was suspended from the top to the bottom of the tower, a flotilla of boats and a Coast Guard buoy tender witnessed and partook in the relighting event to let the world know that mindless terrorists could not, and would not, be allowed to change our way of life that so many men and women of this nation have fought and stood for since our founding in 1776.


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North Carolina

Boats glide past the Cape Lookout Lighthouse.  (NPS Photo)“How much farther? How many more steps?” the little brown-haired girl asked her mother. “I don't know but it can't be much farther,” responded her mother. A few more steps led them into the watch room where for close to a hundred years courageous lighthouse keepers kept the light glowing. When she spied the door to the gallery, the girl jumped for joy. “We're here; we made it Mommy!” With her mother's help, she walked out onto the gallery and yelled, “Wow, we are so high!”

The ranger on the gallery welcomed the family to the top of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, 150 feet above ground. At this elevation, where birds fly below, you'll find a great view of the dangerous shoals jutting into the Atlantic Ocean — the reason for building the lighthouse in the first place.