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Bass Harbor Lighthouse to be featured on New 2012 quarter

By Kevin Miller, BDN Staff


BASS HARBOR, Maine — For the second time in a decade, an iconic Maine lighthouse will soon start appearing in the pockets and pocketbooks of people across the country.

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on Mount Desert Island will be featured on the back of a U.S. quarter to be issued in 2012 as part of the U.S. Mint’s “America the Beautiful Quarters Program.”

Bass Harbor’s lighthouse was the location chosen to represent Acadia National Park, which will be the 13th park, national forest or historic site featured in a U.S. Mint series that continues through 2021. One site in each state plus Washington, D.C., and the five U.S. territories will be featured through the program.


A Passport into America’s Historical Past

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Stewart Family Lighthouse Explorations
The Stewart family live up to their name as stewards of American history. The family happened across a neat idea where you can purchase a passport and have it stamped at each lighthouse you visit. This has become a true tradition for the Stewarts with 35 entries now stamped into their booklet. The family sees a real value in building life long memories with each visit to one of these grand structures.


Neptune's Car: Lighthouse Keeper

Continue on to see the Artist Music Video version


Little River Lighthouse launches effort for full-time caretaker, educator

By Sharon Kiley mack, BDN Staff
Article Courtesy of Bangor Daily News

lr-thumbCUTLER, Maine — Volunteer members of the Friends of the Little River Lighthouse are launching an effort to support a full-time caretaker at the 164-year-old lighthouse in Cutler harbor. The lighthouse keeper plans to chronicle life on the remote island site and to offer educational opportunities over the Internet to viewers around the world.

“We want to have a caretaker live on the island year-round, as part of a unique educational program,” Tim Harrison said Wednesday. Harrison, who lives nearby in Whiting, is the chairman of the Friends and founder of the American Lighthouse Association who led the effort over the past two decades to save the historic site.

The new campaign, called Lighthouse Endeavor, aims to link classrooms across the world with webcams and Skype sessions from the lighthouse. Internet has already been installed on the island and renovations are under way to allow for year round tenancy.


The Gray Lady at Heceta Head Lighthouse

h-lighthouseThere is an Oregon Coast Ghost Story about Heceta Head and the Gray Lady.

Named for the Spanish sailor Don Bruno Heceta who discovered the location in 1755, the Heceta Head Lighthouse sits in a beautiful location on the coast of Oregon just north of Florence and is said to be the most photographed lighthouse in the United States.

Heceta Head Lighthouse serves as both a navigational aid to mariners and a popular tourist spot offering a 549-acre park of trails, viewpoints, tide pools, wildlife habitat and sandy beach formerly known as Devil's Elbow State Park. The area has since been renamed Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint known and includes the cove south of the lighthouse and the lighthouse itself.

The lighthouse tower itself is 56 feet tall and sits 205 feet above sea level. The Heceta Head Lighthouse is known to be the most powerful light on the Oregon coast. Its light can be seen 21 miles out to sea and is hampered only by the curvature of the earth.


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