Sunday, November 18, 2018


Lighthouse Tours’ goal is to provide a window into each American lighthouse, giving the viewer a chance to Learn, See and to Experience the life of a lighthouse.

The United States Coast Guard and National Park Service has confirmed the use of their historical information to be used on Lighthouse Tours. Using this information, Lighthouse Tours developers are creating profile pages for each American Lighthouse.

Lighthouse Tours is working to build a photo gallery for each lighthouse listed. It takes time and resources to find copyright-free images or make the necessary contacts to gain copyright approval. We recognize that today’s internet users are visually motivated. Simply having text is not enough, so as a team we value the time it takes to give our viewers a visual tour of each lighthouse.

The last step we are taking to enrich the experience for our viewer is video. Our developers search for, review, and post videos within the listing. If we don't find a video we may contact and encourage a lighthouse owner/manager to provide this media.

End Result

Lighthouse Tours’ overall goal is to channel traffic to each American Lighthouse. Many of the lighthouses we list have independent web sites, and they are all struggling to attract viewers. The lighthouse owners service these landmarks by means of tourism and/or donations, but neither are met if they don't have interested viewers. Lighthouse Tours is helping bring web traffic to the independent listings by giving them FREE publicity. Along with giving our viewers an educational and visual tour, we provide them a direct link to the lighthouse owners’ sites. In fact, where applicable we provide multiple links to the site’s home page, store and/or donation page. Lighthouse Tours does not require funding for this service because this is our overall mission.