Sunday, November 18, 2018

About Us

One of the largest listings of United States Lighthouses. Take time to read and learn about the history of lighthouses within America. Or view our more popular lighthouses for their photo galleries. The historical information has been provided by the National Park Service and United States Coast Guard.




Lighthouse Tours goal is to be a center location and like the spokes of a wheel, drive visits out to help support the many owners, organizations and groups working to preserve the United States Lighthouses. LHT is working on giving the viewers an enriching tour of each of the lighthouses listed. The experience will give the viewer the ability to learn, look and watch. Viewers can learn about the history of the listed lighthouses and visit our news page to see what is going on today. Many of our lighthouses have photo galleries to look through and videos to watch. LHT is actively working on getting media for those lighthouse listings that don't have them. 


  1. Advertising - Lighthouse Tours uses Google Ads to gain revenue. 
  2. Store - Lighthouse Tours has made available great printed products from Cafe Press and each purchase goes to supporting Lighthouse Tours. When making a purchase LHT gets a commission of 15% from that sale and the customer gets an awesome lighthouse product.